ESPN Game Plan: The Most College Football Action

Get all your favorite on-campus games when you're off-campus

If you want the most college football on TV, then you've got to get ESPN Game Plan. With up to 15 games per week from the 5 major college conferences, you just can't find better college football anywhere else. Be there for your team for every game from wherever you live. Whether you're across the country or right next door, the only way to get complete coverage is from ESPN GamePlan.

THE MOST COLLEGE FOOTBALL ACTIONCan't get enough college football? How does 180 college rivalries and key match ups sound? With ESPN Game Plan, you can watch up to 180 college football games this season.^ Never miss your college team with ESPN GamePlan from DIRECTV. Just check out our ESPN Game Plan schedule! Once you see all the games you could be missing this season, the choice is clear.

If you play college fantasy football, then you've got to get ESPN Game Plan from DIRECTV. Keep track of your line up from all over the country with ESPN Game Plan. With 15 games per week from all over the country, you'll be able to stay on top of your college fantasy football game, and really play to win! Satellite TV college football from DIRECTV will keep you up-to-date and in-the-loop, so you don't have to miss a single pass or play from the major conferences. What more could a college fantasy football fan ask for?

College football on TV is a true American past time. Everyone has a college football team, alumni or not, that they're loyal to. Let DIRECTV connect you to your team with ESPN Game Plan, and take part in a bona fide American tradition: watch college football on TV. DIRECTV satellite TV quality totally beats any college football on cable TV you could find. The game is just not the same if it's not in DIRECTV quality high definition programming.

UP TO 210 KEY NCAA MATCHUPSEveryone knows that Saturday is college football day. And there's only one way to enjoy all the crucial NCAA match ups: ESPN GamePlan from DIRECTV. When you order DIRECTV with ESPN Game Plan, regionally syndicated games from across the country are brought right to your home, every weekend. Now you can really relax and enjoy the weekend, without having to go out every time you want to watch an out of market game. Let DIRECTV and ESPN Game Plan bring those games to you!

It's time to show your true colors and reconnect with your college days from wherever you live! Keep up with your favorite team, their rivals, and key opponents. Because football is not just a game, it's a season, and the only way to really get into the season and know the challenges facing your team, is with ESPN Game Plan from DIRECTV.

If you want to take it to the next level, DIRECTV has 3D college football programming on ESPN 3D.* If you thought you liked watching your favorite college football in HD, then wait until you experience 3D college football. Remember, DIRECTV is the only TV provider, satellite or cable, that brings you fully committed 3D channels. All 3D programming is INCLUDED in your DIRECTV HD package. If you have the equipment, a 3DTV and 3D glasses, then you can watch tons of college football games in breath-taking 3D this season!


^Actual number of games varies by market. Blackout restrictions and other conditions apply.




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