Anticipation for DirectTV Adding GolTV HD

GolTV, the bilingual soccer channel that provides soccer fans with matchups from leagues in Paris, Spain, Brazil, and other futbol capitals of the world will now be offered by DirecTV as a high definition station in the provider's HD lineup. This is big news for GolTV executives, as they had earmarked August 1st as being the start date of HD presentations on their network. August 1st also coincides with the day DirecTV adds GolTV HD

  • The news was not all good news for soccer fans, however, as it was announced that neither Fox Soccer Channel HD nor Fox Soccer+ HD would be offered anytime in the foreseeable future on DirecTV. As Fox Soccer Channel HD is already being broadcast on DISH Network, DirecTV was expected to make the announcement that they were adding the channel as well. When there was no such announcement, you could hear the collective hearts of soccer fans everywhere drop disappointedly. However, their disappointment will probably not last too long once DirecTV adds GolTV HD.

  • There has been discussions between DirectTV executives and Fox Soccer Channel about offering FSC's HD programming on the provider's lineup of channels. It will be the first all-soccer channel to be available, however, when DirecTV adds GolTV HD.

  • GolTV has been a surprising success in the market niche of exclusive sports channels. As there are other all-soccer channels, such as the aforementioned Fox Soccer Channel, available to the viewing public, it was difficult to project how GolTV would fare in the market. Their announcement of the addition of a high definition version of their programming just reinforces the fact that fans around the world are enjoying the content that GolTV has been producing. When DirecTV adds GolTV HD, it is expected that over 3 million DirecTV customers will have access to GolTV HD immediately.

    DirecTV has always been a pioneer for adding sports channels to their lineup, even going so far as to have an all-sports package included in their normal package purchasing menu. The fact that Fox's all-soccer HD stations are not being added begs the question of whether Fox and DirecTV executives are having difficulties reaching an agreement on how revenue should be shared from such a joint venture. Still, soccer fans everywhere can now rejoice knowing that some of the world's most high profile matches will now be carried in HD quality picture and sound.

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