Baby First TV on DIRECTV

Baby First TV on DIRECTV is a channel with a focus on children ages 6 months to 3 years old. Parents are often discouraged from allowing their kids to slouch in front of the mind-numbing box that is the TV, but this channel takes a unique approach to programming that transforms television into a constant tool for learning. This is not to say that Baby First TV on DIRECTV should be viewed constantly, but it does eliminate much of guilt parents may feel from flicking on the box after a long day.

  • 24/7 Commercial Free Programming – While it should be assumed that not many children will be up at 3 am watching television, every parent knows that there are days that a child is up all night sick. Instead of fumbling with a DVD player, Baby First TV on DIRECTV comes to the rescue. Also, since there are absolutely no commercials, parents can eliminate the fear of their kids wanting everything they see on TV.

  • Color Coded – This aspect is unique specifically to Baby First TV on DIRECTV. Parents can gauge the educational value of each show based on the color changing flower that is always present in the corner of the screen. For example, a blue flower signifies that the program focuses on numbers and math skills in different situations, and a red flower signifies a focus on language, words, and spelling. There are a total of 10 different color options that range from soothing lullabies to creative play time and everything in between.

  • Parent/Child Interaction – In addition to the learning and entertainment for the children, Baby First TV on DIRECTV displays subtitles on the screen for parents. These subtitles make suggestions about learning techniques that can be done away from the television to supplement what is being taught on screen. There are also 10-15 minute interludes interspersed throughout the day that are directed solely at the parents when nutrition, safety, and money-saving advice are shared.

  • Scientifically Developed – Of the programs that air on Baby First TV on DIRECTV, about 50 in all, over 80% of them were developed by a group that is in high authority to do so. The team consists of child psychologists, including those with a focus in development, and early childhood education specialists. While many children’s programs aim to teach a lesson with bright colors and funny voices to hold their attention, this channel pinpoints exactly what should be learned, at what age it is most effective, and what method is the most efficient all rolled into an entertaining program that a child will be more than willing to watch. The best childhood learning takes place when he/she does not even know it is happening.

  • Cost Effective – Baby First TV on DIRECTV costs a mere $4.99 per month. Even though it is not a free channel, the monthly fee is a fraction of the cost of one DVD of the same shows that are played. Purchasing the DVDs does not offer the variety of the channel, nor does it present the parents with advice and color coded educational guide.

    Not many television channels allow for the interaction and education that Baby First TV on DIRECTV presents to its viewers. In moderation, this channel can be a valuable tool in any child’s development.

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