DIRECTV Inks Telenovela Channel

DIRECTV, a national satellite television service, recently announced the launch of a new DIRECTV telenovela channel. A telenovela is the Hispanic equivalent of a soap opera. The DIRECTV telenovela channel will be called PASIONES, and will feature 24-hour programming dedicated exclusively to the broadcast of telenovelas. A spokesperson for DIRECTV stated that the move to establish a new channel under its “DIRECTV Mas” programming would help capitalize on the growing market share of Hispanic viewers in the United States.

DIRECTV will be partnering with the production firm ImaginaUS to produce and deliver its DIRECTV telenovela channel. ImaginaUS has established itself as a premiere production company in the US Hispanic TV industry, with offices in Florida and California, and regional offices in Columbia, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. ImaginaUS will be a key partner in many aspects of the PASIONES channel, aiding DIRECTV with telenovela issues such as content production, regional marketing, and acquiring television broadcast rights to several popular telenovelas.
The new DIRECTV telenovela channel will target the growing market audience of Hispanic women and men in the 18 to 35 year-old and 36 to 50 year-old demographics. DIRECTV plans to do this by offering PASIONES viewers contemporary hit telenovelas, in addition to classic telenovela programs from the past two decades. PASIONES will also offer a first for a United States-focused Spanish language channel-- exclusive “behind the scenes” specials and documentaries on the telenovelas it will broadcast. This strategy will help cement DIRECTV as the most diverse satellite television provider of Spanish language programming in the United States, said a company spokesperson.

Juan Pablo Santos, vice president of New Business for ImaginaUS commented at a press conference with DIRECTV announcing the DIRECTV telenovela channel that he forsees great success with the venture because the channel's “...philosophy to have the best telenovelas from different countries, the most recognized actors and the best stories all in one place...” resonates deeply with its core target audience. Santos further states that both ImaginaUS and the PASIONES channel team are committed to providing the highest quality and most diverse programing to satisfy the nation's telenovela lovers. Industry analysts have predicted that the addition of the PASIONES DIRECTV telenovela channel should strengthen the DIRECTV Mas portfolio.

The DIRECTV telenovela channel will offer a strong starting line-up of popular telenovelas, including: “Chocolate con Pimienta”, “Don Juan y su Bella Dama”, “El Derecho de Nacer”, “La baby Sister”, “La Mujer de Judas”, “Luciana y Nicolas”, “Maria Bonita”, “Nina Moza”, “Pantanal” and “Xica da Silva” . The channel will also offer the exclusive North American debut of popular Brazilian telenovela “Doña Beija”, a program that has been in high demand by the channel's target audience. Further telenovelas from countries such as Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela will be announced at a later date.

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