DIRECTV Programming includes Chiller Channel

Via - Looking for a heart pounding, shallow breathing, edge of your seat adrenaline rush? Hoping to be scared beyond your imagination? Amazingly, many people are. In fact there have been a variety of scientific studies trying to decipher exactly what the attraction is to the self-inflicted adrenaline rush people feel when watching a horror flick. DIRECTV programming includes horror channel Chiller, which taps directly into this absurd attraction by offering 24 hour horror genre programming. The Chiller channel’s tag line is ‘scary good’, which captures the very conundrum at hand. How is it that something considered truly ‘scary’, is also considered ‘good’?

For some people the horror genre is obviously an escape mechanism. The sheer chaos and pandemonium depicted are so beyond what anyone might imagine, that our own troubles and trials seem laughable in comparison. For others, it may quite simply be the need to feel the rush of adrenaline, and the opportunity to feel that rush in a controlled environment. In many aspects, viewing a horror film is a social event, with friends gathering to experience the thrill together. At the root of any of these reasons is the capacity to evoke a real emotion. It seems that universally, fear is the one emotion that can be drawn to the surface most consistently and easily.

Most likely, DIRECTV programming includes horror channel Chiller for any and all of these reasons. Chiller is specifically designed to allow the viewer to experience all aspects of the horror genre. It includes series programming, reality shows and movies. The movies range from cult classics to newer pieces, including Friday night premieres of cutting edge feature films. Whether the viewer is interested in the prospect of visiting haunted houses, or prefers to relive classic episodes of The Twilight Zone, DIRECTV programming delivers.

If fear is viewed as the most easily evoked human emotion, then Chiller channel is sure to attract adrenaline junkies with its innovative programming. The fact that DIRECTV programming includes horror channel Chiller speaks to the nature of humans, and their attraction to media that takes them to or over the edge of reason.

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