Hulu TV Download Service Compliments DIRECTV

Via - The Hulu TV download system has been in the news a lot recently. Some argue that this kind of technology will make satellite television obsolete. However, many argue that the Hulu TV download is a perfect compliment to a system like the DIRECTV satellite system.

One of the most important reasons why Hulu cannot compete with satellite television is that Hulu only provides users programming from three networks. Hulu is now part of a joint corporate ownership with General Electric, Newscorp, and the Disney Corporation. That means that the Hulu TV download system will only provide programming that can be seen from NBC, Fox, and ABC. A satellite system, like the DIRECTV satellite system, offers a wide variety of networks that will not be able to be seen on the Hulu TV download service.

A second aspect to consider is that Hulu does not provide live coverage in any capacity. Hulu will only show broadcasts of shows after they have aired on live television. This is an obvious flaw in the system and one of the main reasons why Hulu cannot compete, even with basic television. Hulu also does not provide news, sports, or the coverage of local events like television can. This is probably the strongest reason why Hulu is not a threat to a system like the DIRECTV satellite system.

Finally, a point is stressed by the CEO of Hulu Jason Kilar, is that Hulu should be seen as a supplement to your television service, not a replacement. Kilar argues that the Hulu is one of the latest media devices that provides an enhancement, rather than a replacement to more traditional products. Kilar cites the iPad as a type of device that enhances users experiences, but does replace a traditional computer. A device like iPad provides users a unique Internet experience, however, very few people will view the iPad as a replacement to a computer. Instead, people will utilize both their traditional computer and iPad to access the Internet. Similarly, Hulu should be supplemented with another television service, such as the DIRECTV satellite system. You might want to enjoy a quick viewing of a television program from ABC, NBC, or Fox off your laptop with Hulu. But, when you prefer to have a selection of hundreds of television programs, you can turn to the DIRECTV satellite system. Kilar admits that although his service is part of a new and exciting industry, his service can never compete with the cable and satellite giants. Instead, Hulu will continue to act as an enhancement to DIRECTV. Hulu and DIRECTV work perfectly together to provide television viewers the ultimate entertainment experience.

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