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DIRECTV has always set itself apart from other providers with its strong focus on foreign language programming. Most providers stop at Spanish, but DIRECTV has pushed to reach other audiences too.

Recently, their focus has been on reaching out to Arabic viewers. The most important aspect of this effort has been the steady addition of Arabic TV channels to the DIRECTV lineup. It’s a slow process because of the limited options, but it has already resulted in the largest lineup of Arabic TV channels available to Western audiences.

Currently, the Arabic Direct package includes five publicized Arabic TV channels :

• Orbit Al-Yawm
• Orbit Seen
• Rotana Cinema
• Rotana Moosika (or Mousica)
• Rotana Zaman

In addition, despite not publicizing the fact, DIRECTV makes Al-Jazeera available in certain cases. However, you’ll have to ask for it specifically when ordering the other Arabic TV channels . The good news is that if they can provide it to you, they add it to the Arabic TV channels lineup at no additional charge.

Furthermore, the Rotana network has three other channels expected to make it to the DIRECTV lineup soon: Rotana Clip (music), Rotana Resala (religious), and Rotan Tarab (classic music).

Here’s an overview of the standard channels included in the Arabic Direct package through DIRECTV:

Orbit Al-Yawm (Channel 2106)

Orbit Al-Yawm is a family-oriented channel that offers a diverse selection of programming. The programs include topics in categories such as cultural, educational, informative, and social.

Orbit Seen (Channel 2105)

Orbit Seen, also known as the Series Channel, broadcasts episodic Arabic television shows. The primetime hours include the best in current Arabic television shows, and off hours focus on the best shows of the past.

Rotana Cinema (Channel 2102)

Rotana Cinema boasts the largest library of Arabic movies in the world. This is the same channel available in the Middle East, and it provides the newest films as well as the classics.

Rotana Moosika (Channel 2104)

Rotana Moossika is a contemporary Arabic music channel, and it provides music news, music videos, and music-related entertainment around the clock.

Rotana Zaman (Channel 2103)

Rotana Zaman is a vast movie library like Rotana Cinema, but here the focus is on remastered Arabic classics.

Customers interested in adding the Arabic programming to their DIRECTV package should call 866-310-4985. Don’t forget to ask about the upcoming programming that DIRECTV will be adding to the lineup.

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