DIRECTV Fox Channel Stays as DISH & Cablevision Lose

Via - Tired of cable companies and small satellite companies nickel and diming you. Dish TV and Cablevision are constantly raising rates for their customers, yet are refusing to serve their customers with Fox.

Switch to DIRECTV to get DIRECTV Fox Channel . With DIRECTV Fox Channel , you'll receive your favorite local channels so you can stay up to date on what happened on American Idol. Remember, if you stay with Dish TV or Cablevision, you lose access to American Idol, MLB playoffs, NFL football, the Simpsons, and tons of other Fox shows.

How do you keep these Channels? Get DIRECTV Fox Channel . DIRECTV Fox Channel knows how to treat their customers right, unlike Dish TV or Cablevision. Ditch Dish, Ditch Cablevision, and join on to DIRECTV. DIRECTV is the only place that will ensure you will have Fox and your favorite shows.

Tell Cablevision and DishTv to stop hold YOU hostage, and to stop depriving their customers of their favorite shows and tell them you'll make real on your threat to leave because DIRECTV has DIRECTV Fox Channel and is the only cable / satellite provider that can ensure Fox will be available for their customers favorite shows.

You hear all the ads on the radio and see all the ads on tv, where Dish and Cablevision tell their customers to rollover or get tough. This is a misrepresentation of reality. The executives and Dish and Cablevision are the ones that need to stop being greedy and treat their loyal customers better. Dropping Fox is not the way the go. Dropping Fox will only mean more customers for DirectTV since DirectTv carries all the Fox Channels out there. Consumers, let your voice be heard! You can call your local companies and demand they carry fox or threaten to leave their company. Let them know how great DirectTV is by offering THEIR customers Fox. Tell them about all the Fox shows you love to watch and all the Fox shows you won't be able to watch if nothing changes and Dish and Cablevision refuse to carry Fox.

Cablevision and Dish executives are being stubborn and their customers are suffering because of it. Don't get in between Cablevision and Dish's fight with Fox.

In case Cablevision and Dish consumers lose, have this number 866-310-4985 That is the number to call to orrder DIRECTV Fox service!

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