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Movies can be difficult to attend. Theaters can be located far away and their selection is limited by the number of screens available. DIRECTV Movies on DEMAND is an alternative to the traditional movie theater that gives people more choices of content in a convenient way.

Choosing to watch DIRECTV Movies on DEMAND instead of going to the movie theater has a number of advantages. These advantages include:

available 24/7
food available
movie can be paused and rewound
no noise rules
no ticket to buy
no travel time

For people who work long hours, DIRECTV's movies can be viewed at home whenever the time is right. They can be paused and resumed later for people who work on call.

Some people enjoy watching a movie with others and chatting about scenes as they happen. While this might be frowned upon in a theater, watching a movie from DIRECTV at home can turn into a party. Invite some friends over, make food, and gather around the television to chat about a movie.

Parents with small children will find that DIRECTV is a better choice for watching a film than a theater. If a child is crying or becomes bored with the movie, there aren't any other patrons to disturb. Since the movie can be paused and played later, it's easy for parents to put their children to bed or make them something to eat in the middle of the movie.

DIRECTV's movies can be seen nearly anywhere. Movie theaters may be difficult to find, particularly for people in rural locations. Rural movie theaters may also have a very limited selection of films. DIRECTV always carries the latest and most popular movie releases. Fans of every genre will be able to find a film that interests them.

DIRECTV is even showing movies on the same day that they're released to movie theaters. For example, Hilary Swank stars in "The Resident". It will be released to DIRECTV and movie theaters on February 18th. "The Resident" can be seen in high-definition or standard-definition for the equivalent of one movie ticket.

DIRECTV Movies on DEMAND bring hit movies straight into the home. There's no need to travel and DIRECTV's selection is always available. For one of the most convenient ways to watch movies, call 866-310-4985 and ask for DIRECTV Movies on DEMAND today.

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