How DIRECTV Parental Controls Protect Your Children

Via - Television today constantly pushes the boundaries when it comes to language, violence and sex. People may want to have access to a variety of channels but are hesitant to buy TV packages because they have children who may see something that’s not appropriate. DIRECTV parental controls make it possible for parents to take control over what channels they do or do not want their children to view.

Common Sense Media, which is an independent and non-profit organization, has linked with DIRECTV to come up with the DIRECTV parental controls . Providing ratings that are age-appropriate for movies and shows on TV, Common Sense Media has helped make available the ability for parents to directly rate any shows by following some simple instructions to program their television sets. Parents can access the ratings system options by using their remote to pick “The Guide” option on their television, then select any movie or show and select the “Parental Ratings Tab.” From there, parents can apply the ratings of their choosing to any show or movie they pick.

DIRECTV parental controls do not merely stop at the ability to give ratings. They also enable parents to prevent their children from watching any number of inappropriate shows by blocking them. People can even choose the option to block entire channels from younger viewers. Unsupervised television watching can be restricted as well, and parents can limit the viewing times of their children. To prevent the purchasing of youth-inappropriate films (or simply restricting children from spending too much money by buying too many movies), DIRECTV parental controls have the power to limit the amount of Cinema movies and Pay Per View shows bought. The restriction options can be found on the TV remote’s “Menu” option. After pressing the “Menu” button, users can then select “Parental, Fav’s & Setup.” From there, they can select “Parental Controls” and then “Edit Settings.” In order to watch previously restricted shows, all one has to do is enter his or her specific PIN when asked for it.

People need not fear purchasing a DIRECTV package out of worry that certain shows may be viewed by their children. DIRECTV parental controls allow people to take charge of what their children watch. Parents can relax and breathe easy when they know that even when they are away from their television sets, they can still monitor the shows and movies being viewed.

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