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The biggest question for those who wish to subscribe to satellite TV service for the first time is which satellite service provider is better. The only way to be sure is through a direct comparison. For years in the DIRECTV vs Dish Network rivalry, Dish Network has touted its service as being cheaper than DIRECTV, but Dish Network just implemented a rate increase of $3 to $5 per month depending on the exact service subscribed to.

The rate increase implemented by Dish Network has greatly diminished the contest of DIRECTV vs Dish Network . Their low prices were the last thing they were holding onto. Here are a few head-to-head comparisons in the rivalry of DIRECTV vs Dish Network :

Basic Channels
While DIRECTV gives subscribers the most popular channels with its basic service, Dish Network does no such thing. While the number of channels remains similar, a closer look reveals that 42 of the channels on Dish Network are strange, obscure channels most people have never heard of.

HD Channels
Dish Network would have you believe that they have the same number of HD channels available as DIRECTV. What they don’t tell you is that 57 of those channels are just video-on-demand channels. They are not channels you can watch at any time. DIRECTV doesn’t inflate their HD channel availability. In fact, DIRECTV just added 30 new HDTV channels.

DVR Technology
Over two years, some websites reported that Dish Network had superior DVRs over DIRECTV. Time and technology has marched forward, yet Dish Network is still using those same old DVRs. DIRECTV is the only satellite TV service with Whole-Home DVR service. Subscribers can record and watch shows or movies in any one of up to 15 rooms in a single home, all by the power of a single one of DIRECTV’s superior DVRs. Dish Network’s DVRs are still limited to two rooms.

Dish Network claims to cover all the bases when it comes to sports, but their offerings simply do not compare to those of DIRECTV. DIRECTV has the most HD sports channels and offers every NFL game, every Major League Baseball game, plus dedicated channels for tennis, soccer, and much more.

Package Services
Dish Network cannot offer the same package services as DIRECTV. DIRECTV has partnered with top telecommunications companies in the United States to provide convenient TV, phone, and internet packages.

The DIRECTV vs Dish Network is a no-brainer. DIRECTV is the clear winner in every category comparison. To get DIRECTV in your home or business, give us a call toll-free at 866-310-4985.

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