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The next revolution in entertainment technology is here: HD 3D TV . The movie experience which made some of the hottest flicks of the summer (Saw 3D, Shrek, Toy Story) is available now in the comfort of home, and as more and more content is produced specifically to take advantage of the HD 3D TV technology, it will soon become a mainstay of home entertainment.

Movie studios and television networks have already caught on to the 3D model, and are making much of their new content to take specific advantage of the new technology. New shows are currently being shot with 3D specifically in mind; writers are producing scripts with 3D effects in mind, and editors are being required to re train in 3D technology if they do not already have the wherewithall to control the current equipment stacks. According to the lynchpins that make or break new hardware, this is not a fad. The first 3D televisions are available just in time for Christmas, with market leaders like DirectTV providing state of the art HD 3D TV stations. The technology is movie screen perfect, with accessories like 3D glasses and sound systems being produced in very high quality, meant for long term investment.

Many of the top shows on television are being produced for 3D television, and new hardware such as Blu-Ray and sound receivers are now being produced with 3D compatibility built right in. By 2015, market leaders like DirectTV will have many of their top channels and programs specifically made with 3D channels, almost as prevalent as HD stations are today. Accessories will be sold as family packs. The price of HD 3D TV itself will come down in to the price range of the high definition televisions of today, and 3D glasses will be included with purchases.

Video editing schools are even beginning to create HD 3D TV classes, as the studios they have contact with for internships and a trusted job applicant pool have requested they do so. The best of the best is being directed at 3D technology, and anyone who is anyone is catching on now.

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