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Via Directsattv.com - Samsung's Multi-Room technology teams up with Directv!
High Definition satellite TV has just gotten better with Samsung's announcement at the 2011 CES. Multiroom technology, exclusively for DIRECTV subscribers. Using brand new RVU technology, Samsung's latest line of high definition television sets allow for DIRECTV programming that's been DVR'd to be shown simultaneously on multiple connected Samsung sets without multiple set-top boxes. Available on Samsung's 2011 LED D6000, LED D6400 and LED 6420 models, this will be the first time any RVU-enabled product has been made available to the general public. Utilizing standard Remote User Interface (also known as RUI) technology, DIRECTV is excited to combine their already outstanding High Definition satellite TV service to this major step forward in the world of television.

The ability to watch recorded DVR material on multiple HDTVs throughout a house with only a single set-top unit will make life easier for the millions of subscribers to DIRECTV's service. RVU technology will cut down on useless clutter, freeing up space for speakers and other essential components to a truly exemplary home entertainment experience. This multi-room technology allows for a seemless viewing experience, allowing the 19.1 million subscribers of High Definition satellite TV to view pre-recorded and live broadcast content in any room they wish while cutting cords to multiple set-top units.

This multi-room technology also allows viewers to start watching a show in one room and move into another without the hassle of moving fast forwarding and rewinding to the point they left off on. Watching the big game but need to check on the oven? It's a snap with Samsung's RVU technology, as you can continue to watch your favorite teams in the kitchen with just the power of the on button on your remote. Pausing DVR in the bedroom to finish watching your favorite movie in the living room, watching the biggest awards night of the year in two rooms at once, all with the convenience of only one set-top box and the quality of DIRECTV's service.

Multi-room technology is one of the biggest advances in High Definition satellite TV since the DVR, and Samsung Smart TV can be easily used with the high quality service DIRECTV has been known for since its inception. Anyone who wants to get in on this amazing new world of viewing satisfaction can call 866-310-4985 to order high definition satellite TV today. 19.1 million subscribers have already discovered the difference DIRECTV makes, and will soon discover the difference Samsung Smart TV makes as well.

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