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2012-04-04 By DirectSatTV

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By now it is no secret that DIRECTV customers are unable to watch the Viacom channels on their television. Prior to midnight last Tuesday night, Viacom channels were pulled from DIRECTV when the two companies could not meet an agreement in regards to rising program fees. Viacom is asking for a 30% fee increase and DIRECTV is looking for a more reasonable approach.

At times like this it would be incredibly easy for DIRECTV competitors to kick DIRECTV while its down and take aim at getting as many people to switch to their services. In fact, Dish Network has a subtle "summer sales" ad featuring SpongeBob the Nickelodeon character.

Supporting DIRECTV

There are competitors who are standing up with DIRECTV at this time though as a way to show support for the television service provider standing up to the programmer’s outlandish fees. This unified support from cable television providers that includes Time Warner Cable, Mediacom Communications, and Cox Communication shows that television service providers are fed up with the constantly increase programming fees.

The efforts to go after other television service providers during a blackout are not as common as they used to be and pay-TV business can actually benefit more by opposing fee increases instead. It is very obvious to pay-TV providers that by going after one another during these times actually gives programmers the upper hand when it comes to program costs and increases.

In a statement released last week Time Warner Cable said,

"Consumers are tired of these disputes and so are we," said Time Warner Cable in a statement Tuesday morning said. "We will continue to stand up for consumers against programmers' outrageously large price increases that serve no purpose other than to line network pockets at our customers' expense."

Some Customers are Prepared to Stand Behind DIRECTV

DIRECTV has found that there is a loss in subscribers; however the numbers are quite low. Now , for the first time, customers are actually applauding DIRECTV and its efforts to keep the costs of programming as low as possible.

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