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Is DIRECTV better than Dish Network? Satellite TV consumers want to know the answer to this question before selecting a satellite carrier. There are many things to consider before making a selection and it is important to accurately weigh all the options. Satellite TV carries a long-term commitment and it is necessary to be certain before making the wrong choice.

Is DIRECTV better than Dish Network? This question can partially be gauged by the consumer's interest in HD channels. Simply stated, DIRECTV offers more HD channels than Dish Network. Dish Network advertisements often claim the opposite, but they have many HD channels that are only available part-time. Dish Network also includes their pay-per-view cinema HD channels when they count their HD total. DIRECTV only includes the HD channels that an average subscriber would have access to 24/7. DIRECTV doesn't need to stretch the truth or pad their numbers. The facts speak for themselves.

Is DIRECTV better than Dish Network? If the consumer is an avid sports fan then the answer will definitely be yes. DIRECTV simply offers more sports coverage than DISH Network. DIRECTV offers coverage of every NFL game and every MLB game. DIRECTV also has the most sports coverage available in HD. Sports fans will definitely want to align themselves with DIRECTV.

Is DIRECTV better than Dish Network? For a customer that intends to utilize the DVR and its vast array of technology, then once again the answer would be yes. DIRECTV's DVR system allows you to record and watch your favorite shows in HD from up to to 15 different rooms. That amazing feat can be accomplished with a single HD DVR from DIRECTV. DIRECTV's DVR system also allows the management of DVR programming from a cell phone or computer. This option is ideal when the subscriber is on vacation or away from home and realizes they forgot to program something into the DVR. Dish Network's DuoDVR only allows the option to watch recorded shows in two rooms and does not offer mobile access.

Is DIRECTV better than Dish Network? The answer is yes. DIRECTV gives the subscriber what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. Dish Network lags behind DIRECTV in all aspects. Consumers must weigh all the options when selecting a satellite provider before making a long-term commitment. DIRECTV becomes the clear winner after analyzing all the factors.

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