NFL SUNDAY TICKET: Must Have Football App

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Pre-Season Football is Underway

It's something football fans have waited months for, pre-season football is finally here. Now is the chance for fans to see a glimpse into how top teams and old favorites will perform this season. It also gives the teams a chance to put the hard work and practice to the test.

Missing out on any NFL action is not fun at all, especially if your TV isn't carrying the games. Luckily, you don't have to miss any action pre-season, during the season, or post-season with DIRECTV's NFL SUNDAY TICKET.


Not only does NFL SUNDAY TICKET have all of Sunday's games in HD, but there are additional features that make it so worth it. The Game Mix channel lets you watch up to 8 games on one screen. Fantasy footballers can keep up with players through the Player Tracker. NFL SUNDAY TICKET On Demand allows fans to go back and re-watch Sunday's games. One reason so many are opting to get NFL SUNDAY TICKET is because of the SUNDAY TICKET app.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET: Must Have Football App

Every Sunday, regardless of where you are, you can catch every single game on-the-go with the free SUNDAY TICKET app. Live streaming of NFL SUNDAY TICKET games and the RED ZONE CHANNEL means you won't miss a single touchdown! That option alone is enough to convince football fans that DIRECTV has got the football coverage they are looking for this NFL season and the seasons to come. Of course the app only begins there.

SUNDAY TICKET app users can relive big plays with the highlights option. Take a look back at some of Sundays most impressive moments individually or consecutively.

Keep stats in check with the Instant Stats feature. You can check out players' statistics and information with just a touch.

Keep up with schedules, scores, and statuses of current games completed and in progress. You can even check future schedules.

NFL Fans Love This App

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and even PS3 users. If you are a mobile user and football fan, it makes perfect sense that you have this app along with NFL SUNDAY TICKET from DIRECTV.

Fans don't want to miss out on any of Sundays NFL action, and with the SUNDAY TICKET app and DIRECTV's NFL SUNDAY TICKET to-go there is no reason to miss it. Get all the NFL action, stats, scores, and more on your television or on your mobile device with NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

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