Sony Movie Channel HD added to DIRECTV Line Up

Via - Sony Movie Channel HD added to DIRECTV Lineup
According to the Sports Business Journal, DIRECTV is introducing a new packaging tier in order to further meet the demands and pricing of their customers in this dour economy. This affordable, low cost tier, labeled the Select Package, will be available in fourteen small metro and rural markets. This package will offer 120 channels for $45 per month. This package will include all the major sports channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN 3D, as well as local broadcasters and sports/television hybrids such as TBS, TNT and HDNET. The package will also include the new Sony Movie Channel HD, which launched earlier this month. While it may not be indicative of DIRECTV's pricing structure in the future, it is an excellent move designed to help struggling families receive better pricing and more selective channels. It also fits strongly with the satellite providers recent focus on regional marketing, and provides a counter to DISH and cable's pricing changes.

The Sony Movie Channel will feature movies in stunning high definition from Sony Pictures exclusive library, a total of 3,500 motion pictures. This includes award winning cinema, cult classics, humorous family comedies, and gripping dramas. Some of the critically acclaimed movies that will be featured this fall are Philadelphia, The Graduate, Das Boot, and In The Company Of Men. Designed and catered to the Hollywood movie buff, the Sony Movie Channel will further buoy DIRECTV's already stellar movie packages. The channel is owned by Sony Pictures Television and will show each commercial free, picture uncut, and remastered in 1080i high definition.

As an independent channel, the Sony Movie Channel is not a premium service that requires extra cost to own. As part of the basic high definition tier, it does not compete with the likes of HBO, Showtime, or Starz. Earlier this year, three other prominent studios in Hollywood - Paramount, Lionsgatae, and MGM, chose to team up to create the Epix movie channel, but chose to charge subscribers for that service, whereas Sony did not. Sony's venture is financially a rather modest plunge, hoping to gain consumer loyalty rather than seek an immediate profit. The Sony Movie Channel can be found on channel 563 in DIRECTV's high definition lineup. Don't miss the best movies from DIRECTV. Call 866-310-4985 to order today.

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