Sunday Ticket Schedule on DIRECTV- Steelers vs Giants

Via - Steelers dominate Giants, in spite of slow start.
Choosing a pre-season NFL game on Saturday night can be difficult, but Sunday Ticket schedule by DIRECTV can make it slightly easier. Tonight's match up between the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers made an excellent choice. A first look at Ben Roethlisberger for the season, the return of Troy Polamalu, Eli Manning out with 12 stitches and the return of Kenny Phillips from knee surgery promised a good look at what can be expected from both teams during the regular season.

Sunday Ticket schedule delivered more than a view of the new Meadowlands. The first two minutes of play saw not only a re-kick but the ejection of Nicks and Taylor after a fight. While the first quarter remained scoreless, there was definitely tension between the Giants and Steelers. Several plays ending in minor skirmishes over perceived slights. With the return of big name starters like Roethlisberger, and Polamula; the Steelers game seemed anemic. The Giants also made no distinguishing plays during the Steelers first drive that Reed brought to an end as he put three on the board in the first half of the second quarter.

The Giants first drive revealed some solid plays by Bomar and led to a touchdown in the second. The appearance of a black cat in the Giants end zone after the touchdown seemed to have the reverse effect and brought the Giants good luck until a pass from Leftwitch to Wallace gave the Steelers a 68 yard touchdown. The first half drew to a close as the Steelers threw away an opportunity to score a third time.

Sunday ticket schedule delivered a lively game. Very early in the third Redman took a big hit and had to be walked off the field. After resting for a paltry 5 plays, he returned for a touchdown on his second play. The Giants almost seemed invisible as the Steelers scored a fourth touchdown. Bomar’s frustration began to show on the field, but results eluded the Giants in the third quarter.

The Giants scored after a painfully long drive in the fourth and Sunday ticket schedule proved it’s value in providing an entertaining game, even in the pre-season. In spite of numerous Steelers penalties, they continued to dominate the game. Returning from a lackluster start under Roethlisberger’s command, the Steelers had an impressive showing with Dixon and Leftwich at the helm.

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