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Via Directsattv.com - Time Warner Cable vs DIRECTV fight is leaving customers trying to decide which television service better suits their entertainment needs. While both have their fans, DIRECTV should be acknowledged as the winner. Time Warner Cable is set to lose ABC and ESPN channels in September due to an ongoing contract dispute. DIRECTV is the top choice for television as it offers ABC, ESPN, and a number of extras for subscribers.

ABC offers some of the most popular shows on television, including Desperate Housewives, Good Morning America, and Grey's Anatomy. ABC will also be showing the final season of the Oprah Winfrey Show. In Time Warner Cable vs DIRECTV , only DIRECTV will keep showing ABC's lineup through and beyond September. Time Warner Cable customers stand to lose their ABC shows in September.

ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports broadcasting, featuring channels packed full of sporting events and news. SportsCenter, ESPN's sport news flagship, averages at least 100 million viewers each month. More than 100 million people view ESPN content (listening, logging on, reading, or watching) each week. No other programming option provides the same sports value as ESPN. However, in Time Warner Cable vs DIRECTV , ESPN could be lost by Time Warner Cable customers in September. However, DIRECTV does not have a contract dispute with ESPN, unlike Time Warner Cable.

DIRECTV offers a number of valuable extras to subscribers. High definition channels are free for life. Purchasing the NFL SUNDAY TICKET offer means DIRECTV will be free for five months. That is a savings of over 900 dollars. With over 285 channels, including 40 premium movie channels, the NFL SUNDAY TICKET offer is one of the best available. DIRECTV also offers a host of different programming packages to subscribers, tailored to fit different budgets and viewing tastes.

It is clear who the winner is in the Time Warner Cable vs DIRECTV competition. DIRECTV offers benefits that Time Warner Cable simply cannot. Without ABC and ESPN, Time Warner Cable's entertainment programming suffers dramatically. Even if Time Warner Cable settles their argument with ABC and ESPN, they may attempt to pass a cost increase onto their subscribers. Now is the perfect time for consumers to make the switch to DIRECTV. Customers will enjoy high definition channels, a wider variety of programming, and ABC and ESPN channels without dispute.

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