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With all the movie rental options available, how can you know you're choosing the best? When you have instant access to your movie of choice, all hours of the day, in the highest-quality format available, and no late fees...you know you're in the right place. DIRECTV Cinema offers the premier home theatre experience available, giving you instant access to over 6,000 movies and shows at the click of a button. Anytime day or night, view HD and 3D movies from the comfort of your own home, bringing home best in home entertainment.

What is DIRECTV Cinema ? Faster, better access to new releases. Focused on giving you a theater-quality movie watching experience, right when you want it, DIRECTTV Cinema brings you movies OnDemand in HD and 3D before anyone else - 28 days before Redbox or Netflix. Watching movies should involve popcorn, a relaxing chair, and a great movie - not lines, waiting, or returns. With DIRECTV Cinema, get movie-watching the right way, with all of the enjoyment, none of the hassle. Watch what you want, when you want it.

What is DIRECTV Cinema ? More choices, so you can find the perfect match for any movie-watching moment. Instantly access over 400 new releases. Or, choose from the 6,000-plus movie and show titles available on DIRECTV Cinema at no extra charge. Looking for your favorite films or the latest and greatest of new releases? You're sure to find them on DIRECTV Cinema. Get your first choice every time, without lines or returns.

What is DIRECTV Cinema ? The highest-quality home entertainment experience available, bringing you movies in HD and 3D, onDemand. Watch movies at their brightest, clearest, and best: all movies are 1080p HD. 3D movies are also available. Making the experience even more vibrant, by bringing the action out of the screen and into your living room, 3D takes movie-watching to new heights.

What is DIRECTV Cinema ? Movies, the right way: faster, more, better, and easier. DIRECTV Cinema gives you access to great movies and the best home theater experience. Switch to DIRECTV today, and increase your home movie collection to over 6,000 titles. Whenever you want them, and as many as you want: gain instant access to the movies you like. Don't make your movie night dependent on good weather or in-stock availability - DIRECTV Cinema is movie watching as it is meant to be. Get the best home entertainment experience: get DIRECTV Cinema.

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