DIRECTV Mobile Apps

DIRECTV Mobile Apps

Convenient, easy DVR scheduling on your remote, remote-control

Don't just watch TV, DIRECTV with our new mobile apps for your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and almost any other smart phone. With DIRECTV Mobile Apps, you can do almost anything your remote could do at home!

And it gets better: DIRECTV Mobile Apps are FREE. DVR Scheduler Mobile Apps are available for iPhone and iPod, Android, PalmPre and Palm Pixie, BlackBerry, BlackBerry touch, and Windows Phone 7. The DIRECTV DVR Scheduler mobile app has been downloaded over one million times! No wonder this award-winning app keeps getting rave reviews. It's time you see what you're missing and check out DIRECTV Mobile Apps. Give yourself a break with an easier way to do TV.

  • Search playtimes and channels for shows up to two weeks in advance.
  • Browse schedules and programs by date, time, channel, or genre.
  • Look up program information like description, ratings, length and more, instantly.
  • Set recordings while you're away for a single episode or entire series.
  • Record shows to any DVR in your house: living room, bedroom or kitchen; you can choose where you want to record.
  • Order movies from DIRECTV CINEMA right on your iPhone, Android, Palm, or BlackBerry whether your receiver is connected to a land line or not. Have your movie ready for you when you get home.

DIRECTV Mobile Apps

Use of the DIRECTV mobile apps are licensed under DIRECTV's current End User License Agreement. Use of the DIRECTV mobile apps are also subject to DIRECTV's privacy policy and other legal policies, including DIRECTV's Customer Agreement for users who are DIRECTV customers.



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