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Watch all the Major Opens with Grand Slam Tournaments

Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open

Grand Slam tennis coverage from DIRECTV is the ultimate tennis fans' guide to the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. You haven't experienced any of these major matches unless you're watching it on DIRECTV. With Grand Slam Tennis coverage, experience multiple matches at the same time on one channel. Grand Slam tennis also gives you access to preview the coverage of early-round and outer-court matches as well as keeping tabs on the tournaments with scores and stats that you can pull up with the press of a button. DIRECTV tennis coverage provides maximum tennis match-up details. So don't miss a single serve, call 800-400-0296 to order DIRECTV Grand Slam Tennis today!

Tennis Mix Channel on DIRECTV
Watch up to six matches at once with the Tennis Mix Channel

With so many matches going on at the same time during tennis opens, it can be hard to keep up with all the live games. DIRECTV Grand Slam tennis has the perfect solution to your tennis open frenzy - the Game Mix channel. Watch national Tennis Channel broadcasts of all the Grand Slam tennis matches on one screen interface. And if one match is really heating up, just choose the game you want to focus on and zoom into that satellite TV tennis channel. Never miss a second of the action with DIRECTV Grand Slam Tennis Mix Channel.

Know where to watch all the games with the Match Guide

If watching six tennis matches on TV at once seems too chaotic for you, use the Match guide to stay updated instead. DIRECTV Grand Slam tennis Match Guide lets you see exactly who's playing on each channel, what the live score of current games are, and tournament line up for the entire day. Grand Slam tennis coverage just doesn't get any better than this.

Get live scores from every game on one single screen

See live updates from all Grand Slam tennis open games with just the click of a button. Catch the scores from in-progress and completed matches with DIRECTV's Grand Slam Tennis Recent Results feature. Stay in tune with up-to-the-minute scores and results, all in one place.

Check out the Tournament Brackets with Men's and Women's Draws

See who's left in the Grand Slam tennis open you're watching and who they had to beat to get there. For round-by-round player brackets and updates, use DIRECTV's Grand slam tennis open coverage feature: Men's and Women's Draws. Know the brackets like the back of your hand and follow your favorite players through their championship tournament journey!

High-definition Satellite TV Tennis Open Coverage: Crystal-clear Tennis Action*

Experience all of the great match-ups, singles and doubles, from your favorite tennis stars in High-Def. DIRECTV HD Grand Slam Tennis coverage provides every heart-throbbing detail of every match. See swings, serves, back hands, and every drop of sweat on DIRECTV Gran Slam Tennis HD tennis open coverage.


Free to Choice package customers and above

†For full Mix Channel and interactive functionality, a D10 (or later) model interactive DIRECTV Receiver is required.

*To access DIRECTV HD programming, HD equipment and a qualifying programming package are required.


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