You don't have to be stuck in front of your TV to watch DIRECTV.

Stream live satellite TV to your PC with DIRECTV2PC*

Get DIRECTV2PC and stream all your DIRECTV programming straight to your PC. With DIRECTV2PC, you get access to your entire DVR playlist, so you can watch any or your recorded shows on your PC.

Is your favorite show on the same night of your team's rival game? Don't want to wait till the next day to watch either one on your HD DVR? No problem. Stream live satellite TV to PC with DIRECTV2PC, and watch them both at the same time! Or you can watch football or a movie while keeping an eye on the kids getting into their cartoons. DIRECTV2PC features are here to help make your viewing experience convenient and enjoyable.

  • Your PC will have the same screen set-up as DIRECTV has on your TV, so you don't have to deal with any confusing interfaces. Simple, straightforward, just point and click on the shows you want to watch.

  • DIRECTV HD service streams from your satellite TV to PC monitor too, so you don’t sacrifice any of the crystal clear high definition quality when you watch on your PC.

  • If your house has diverse viewing interests, you’ve got to get DIRECTV2PC. Watch two shows at once with the same DVR system! It’s one less thing for the kids to fight over, and one less stress in your life. Even the set up is stress free.

Two simple steps set up your DIRECTV2PC system:

  1. DIRECTV2PC requires your HD DVR to be connected to the internet. You can connect simply by plugging in or synching with your wireless system.
  2. Downloading the application is FREE for DIRECTV customers.

*Requires DIRECTV HD DVR (model HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23 or later), home network connection and PC with DIRECT2PC software. Visit for details


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