Effortlessly schedule and control
your own TV entertainment with

Get 100-percent digital quality picture and sound — plus all the convenience of digital video recording. You never have to worry about missing your favorite shows again. The DIRECTV Plus® DVR lets you watch them whenever you want.

  • Record up to 100 hours of standard definition content on your DIRECTV DVR. Watch whatever you want on your own schedule and store your favorite shows.*
  • Record your shows with a single button touch or on a moment’s notice. Also access favorite scenes in recordings instantly only with your DIRECTV DVR.
  • 14-day Advanced Program Guide®. Search the channel guide for shows up to 14 days in advance.
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound capable. Listen to superb theater-quality sound with additional hardware.††
  • View and log Caller ID info provided by your local phone company.†
  • Parental controls/locks: Enjoy peace of mind over what your children are watching by locking out objectionable programming.
  • Record two shows at once, while watching a third show from your playlist.
  • Set your home DVR with any cell phone or computer.
  • Watch the latest movies on DIRECTV CINEMA™.
  • Enhance viewing experience with interactive features.
  • Keep up with all the game scores with ScoreGuide.
  • Get a high speed look at the show you're watching.

Requires DVR service $7/mo.

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