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Local Channels on DIRECTV

Bringing Entertainment Closer to Home

Local channels are an important part of your DIRECTV experience. That's why DIRECTV offers local channels to 99% of the nation's TV households, with even more local market launches planned in the near future. Plus DIRECTV offers locals in HD in over 96% of the U.S.*

DIRECTV local channels are necessary sources of information that provide a phenomenal platform for community engagement. By watching your local news broadcast, you can keep up to date on events that are going on right next door as well as across the country. DIRECTV local channels increase grassroots awareness, which is essential to keeping our communities active and thriving. Community television stations broadcast what is going on in your neighborhood so that you can stay informed on decisions and events that affect you and your family's life.

DIRECTV’s local channels are also great for increasing community service. Reporting on local fundraisers and volunteer projects reaches a mass audience and boosts participation in service projects. And what is better for a local service organization than free advertising through a news report about their work? By staying aware of what is going on locally, people have the chance to be involved in their environment. Welcome to a cleaner, greener, more active community.

Increasing focus on massive national news sources makes being aware of local conditions and events increasingly difficult, so DIRECTV has made it easier to stay in tune with what’s going on in YOUR neighborhood by offering local channels in HD to over 96% of the US*, with more markets coming soon. With 170 local markets and 153 in HD, for news in your neighborhood, DIRECTV channels are great for comprehensive local coverage.

*Eligibility for local channels based on service address. Not all networks available in all markets.

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More than likely, we have your local channels! Enter your ZIP code below to find out if we carry local channels in your area.


Click on your state below to see if local channels are available in your area through DIRECTV service. DirectSatTV is an Authorized Dealer with installers all over the USA to deliver your satellite equipment, fast, easy and free!

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