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DIRECTV Local Channels in Eau Claire, WI - Eau Claire County 54703


Eau Claire, WI DIRECTV local channels are below for Eau Claire zip codes 54703, 54702, 54701

  YES! Eau Claire, WI 54703 DIRECTV Local channels are available in your area

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Conditions for Eau Claire, WI at 5:54 am CST
Current Conditions:
Fair, -6 F

Sat - Mostly Sunny. High: 20 Low: 9
Sun - Partly Cloudy. High: 25 Low: 7
Mon - Sunny. High: 26 Low: 18
Tue - Snow. High: 27 Low: 0
Wed - Mostly Cloudy. High: 10 Low: -10

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(54703) Eau Claire, WI - Eau Claire County Local DIRECTV Channels

Network Affiliate Local Channels IRD Channel Broadcast Format
1) CW CW 14 0 Analog
2) NBC KARE 11 888 Analog
3) PBS KAWB 22 897 Analog
4) FOX KMSP 9 887 Analog
5) ION KPXM 41 896 Analog
6) Ind KSTC 45 894 Analog
7) ABC KSTP 5 886 Analog
8) PBS KTCA 2 884 Analog
9) PBS KTCI 17 889 Analog
10) CBS WCCO 4 885 Analog
11) NBC WEAU 13 0 Analog
12) MNT WFTC 29 891 Analog
13) PBS WHLA 31 0 Analog
14) CBS WKBT 8 0 Analog
15) FOX WLAX 25 0 Analog
16) CW WUCW 23 890 Analog
17) ABC WXOW 19 0 Analog

DirectSatTV is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer in Eau Claire, WI 54703.

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