DIRECTV Media Share

You know you have thought about it, even tried to hook up your camera with some random wires you found in the basement, but DIRECTV has finally made it a reality. Turn your living room into a private screening room with MEDIA SHARE. It’s about time your photos, videos and music are getting the attention they deserve with DIRECTV’s MEDIA SHARE.

DIRECTV MEDIA SHAREIt is easy to setup your system for MEDIA SHARE. Make sure you have the following*:

  • A MEDIA SHARE-enabled DIRECTV receiver
  • A PC enabled with MEDIA SHARE software
  • An Internet connection and a router

Do you have photos to share from your recent sunny vacation, JR’s first T-ball game, even a fun Friday with your friends and family? Display your favorite photos with DIRECTV’s MEDIA SHARE. Access the photos stored on your computer and camera. You can quickly browse thumbnail images and create a slideshow to show off your great memories.

Watch your favorite videos with DIRECTV MEDIA SHARE. You can give your home videos the attention they deserve on your big screen television. You can pause and rewind to relive the fun filled memories and good laughs.

DIRECTV comes with a variety of music channels, but MEDIA SHARE lets you personalize your music. Hear tunes from your own playlists through your TV. You can upload play music while viewing your photos; you can attach songs to jazz up your slideshow, or even enjoy your favorite songs while you have live or recorded television going.

DIRECTV’s MEDIA SHARE will bring people together, friends and family, events, business, bragging rights, or just because you can. Set up MEDIA SHARE by connecting to your DIRECTV PLUS HD DVR to your computer.

Finally make your dream of sharing your videos, photos and music to the best of their potential come true. DIRECTV’s MEDIA SHARE has everything you need. Make sure to visit the above links to find further information and to answer any questions you might have on DIRECTV’s MEDIA SHARE.

Why huddle around your computer when you want to enjoy your photos, music and videos. Enjoy your treasured memories on your big screen TV.


*Requires DIRECTV HD DVR (model HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23 or later), home network connection and PC with media server required. Visit for details.


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