Introducing DIRECTV Whole Home DVR Service

Simplify and expand your TV service

Ever wish you could watch your favorite recorded shows anywhere in your home? Don't want to deal with multiple DVRs all over the place? DIRECTV Whole Home DVR service expands your DVR capabilities and simplifies the process all at the same time. With just one HD DVR, you get full DVR capabilities on up to 15 TV's in your home- you no longer need to spend extra money to get an HD DVR receiver for every TV. And the best part of DIRECTV Whole Home DVR service is that it's only $3 per month! You can watch, record, delete, pause, rewind and fast-forward any show from any TV in any room. Lease fee ($6/mo.) for each additional receiver required.

Check out all you can do with the new Whole Home DVR:

  • Enjoy your recorded shows on up to 15 different TVs or in 15 separate rooms with a single HD DVR. Now you'll have crystal clear HD channel access in every room too! You can start a show in the kitchen while you're cooking, pause it during dinner, and finish it in the living room after you're done eating. The possibilities are endless!
  • Record 2 shows while watching 2 other recorded shows from your playlist, from any room in your home, all on the same HD DVR.
  • Forgot to record your favorite show and you've already left the house? No problem - with the DIRECTV DVR scheduler mobile application, you can schedule a recording from your cell phone or computer!
  • While you can access and manage your DVR playlist from any room in your home, you can still limit your kids viewing selection specific to each TV, in each room.
  • Don't run around the house to get your show recordings right - manage and edit your playlist of recorded shows from any room in your house, up to 15 TVs.

What do I need for Whole-Home DVR?

To start recording and watching your favorite programs from any room of your house with just one HD DVR, here's what you'll need:

  • Equipment – You'll need an HD DVR for one of your TVs and HD-capable receivers for your other TVs.
  • Professional Installation – One of DIRECTV's expert technicians will connect and network your receivers, ensuring your Whole Home DVR experience is flawless.
  • DIRECTV Whole Home DVR Service – You'll need to subscribe to Whole Home DVR service ($3/mo.), HD Access ($10/mo.) and DVR service ($8/mo.).

DIRECTV Whole Home DVR Brings New Wave of Innovation

Via - DIRECTV's Whole Home DVR Giving Customers More Choices
When it comes to watching TV at home, families often have difficulty picking one movie or show that everyone can agree on. While a digital video recorder (DVR) can give a family more choices of what to watch, it often is only able to record and playback its shows on a single TV. The DIRECTV Whole Home DVR c...[More]

Whole-Home DVR by DIRECTV Brings Relief to Families

Via - Whole-Home DVR by DIRECTV Brings Relief to Families
Whole-Home DVR from DIRECTV is a great tool for those families that have a hard time, finding ways to spend time together. It brings all of your favorite DIRECTV programs to you, whenever you want to watch them.

If you have ever wished that you could have more control over what your kids are watching, Whol...[More]

DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service: Limit one remote viewing per HD DVR at a time, or up to three with the Home Media Center HD DVR. DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR service requires a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR, Advanced Receiver Service fee ($20/mo.) and Whole-Home-enabled HD Receiver for each additional TV (or RVU enabled devices with the Home Media Center HD DVR model HR 34). Service not available with TiVo® HD DVR from DIRECTV. For more information, visit


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