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DIRECTV for RV Travel

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As much as you love home, you’re the type of person who loves to pack up and hit the road for a few days or even a few weeks. Travel is simply in your blood.

While you’re travelling, one thing you’ll find yourself not wanting to miss are your favorite shows on TV. With DIRECTV travel packages, you’ll always have all of your favorite channels and shows right there with you in your RV, car, or even your boat. All you need is the proper receiver made available from companies such as Winegard, King Controls, or KVH Industries.

DIRECTV for your RV


Spending time in your RV means a lot of hours on the road, which means the need to keep your passengers relaxed as the time goes by.

Through DIRECTV, you can get the CHOICE MOBILE Package, providing you with more than 185 channels. Get everything from movies, to sports, to primetime entertainment, and more! It’s the same TV that you would enjoy at home, all available in your RV.

Proper receivers and programming can be ordered through either KVH Industries, Winegard, or King Controls.

DIRECTV in your vehicle

Long road trips with your children can be more of a hassle than fun, but DIRECTV can help bring some relief to your travels with programming that’s viewable right in your car. The CHOICE MOBILE package is available through KVH Industries to bring you more than 185 channels of DIRECTV programming.

DIRECTV for your boatdirectvboat

Need to take a break from the Sun and catch a little TV while on your boat? DIRECTV’s CHOICE MOBILE package is also available on boats through either King Controls, KVH Technologies, or Intellian. Get the best programming as you ship out for the day.

Make your boat the place to be for your friends and family as you all enjoy the live sports and more.

DIRECTV on airplanes and jets

Take the stress out of your passengers during long flights through the power of DIRECTV’s AIRBORNE OFFICE CHOICE package. With more than 145 channels, everyone on your flight will be able to tune into their favorite programming, keeping their minds occupied until landing.

Interested customers can contact either Rockwell Collins for Satcom Direct to order proper receivers and programming.

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